Course Tour

Hole 1|Sage|Par 4

Sage will ease you into the course. If your tee shot lies on the left side of the fairway, you’ll have a blind approach shot. One bunker guards the right half of the green.

Hole 2|Maple|Par 3

The warm-up continues with Maple. A mid to long-length par 3, it plays 205 from the longest tee and 135 at the shortest; it requires slight downhill play. You’ll most likely have to clear a large bunker on the front right of the green.

Hole 3|Prairie|Par 5

Surrounded by water, Prairie, a long par 5 hole, is next to impossible to handle in two shots. Adding to the risk, you should, ideally, hit your third shot 100 yards from the green – a 6,500-square-foot island.

Hole 4|Willow|Par 4

A drivable par 4, Willow rises about 20 feet as you play. Be careful – there won’t be much space where your ball can land. With the 280-yard tee shot, focus on the right side of the split fairway and take a lofted approach to the green.

Hole 5|Creek|Par 4

Get ready for a challenge. A difficult par 4, Creek includes a narrow, sloping landing area. A pond and a creek are directly in front of the green. Generally played downhill, it has three large fairway bunkers protecting the right side, and a creek on the left. Try hitting your tee shot between the two obstacles.

Hole 6|Bear|Par 5

This is a bear of a hole – but you’ll have fun with it. Coming back along the creek, you’ll have to really work at your tee shot and second shot. If you go for the green on your second shot, prepare to launch the ball over a waterfall with a 10-foot drop. You could also aim for the bailout area on the left side of the fairway, and lob it up to the green.

Hole 7|Eagle|Par 3

This one’s a beaut. It’s all downhill to the large, diagonally-placed green on Eagle, a par 3. Water lies in front and to the left of the green, and sand surrounds the rest. As the pin moves back and left, you’ll face more of the pond. You’ll need a pretty long tee shot to tackle this challenging hole. Play the yardage.

Hole 8|Oak|Par 4

Oak is a short hole, but it’s tough. With a nicely contoured fairway, it flows slightly uphill, making for a difficult approach shot. Two bunkers guard the green on the left; another two lie diagonally, setting up the tee shot on the fairway.

Hole 9|Buffalo|Par 4

Buffalo is flat initially, and then runs slightly downhill on your approach shot. Take it easy on the second shot – you don’t want to go long. You’ll have to be precise, as two bunkers on either side of the fairway narrow the path to the green.

Hole 10|Meadow|Par 5

The second longest hole on the course, Meadow includes six bunkers, water, and a thicket, all set in a valley. From the back tee shot, expect a 258-yard carry over the pond to the fairway. A short par 5, Meadow offers an opportunity for a birdie, if you’re playing from the blue or white tees.

Hole 11|Ash|Par 4

Ash is dotted with ponds. It’s a risk, but could pay off, for you to shoot over the bunker and the ponds on the left side. Don’t go long, and try to aim for the front of the green. With a downhill tee shot and an uphill approach, this stunning par 4 will leave even the most skilled golfers inspired.

Hole 12|Deer|Par 4

Three opposing fairway bunkers make Deer challenging right off the tee. This mid-to-long par 4 plays straightaway. Play long, and you’ll do well.

Hole 13|Plum|Par 4

Plum starts with a downhill tee shot, and then a dogleg right. Go long on the left for a chance at par or better. Big trees and steep slopes block the right side of the fairway and the hole. The challenge thickens as the pin rests back and right. Carefully tee off to clear the trees on the left side of the fairway.

Hole 14|Aspen|Par 3

Winding past and over water, Aspen travels downhill. A wide bunker further complicates this long, difficult hole. You may struggle with the sloping green.

Hole 15|Sumac|Par 4

Not that we’ll stop you from trying for one, but a birdie is rare on Sumac. It’s the most difficult hole of the course; a bogey would be a good score. Two opposing fairway bunkers call for a precise tee shot, and a large greenside bunker protects the green.

Hole 16|Cattail|Par 4

Water, water everywhere ups the ante on this thrilling par 4. Short- to mid-length for most players, Cattail will greet you with several challenges: all approach shots are over water, the worst position is a short right, and the green is not very deep. The best option? Go long and down the center.

Hole 17|Fox|Par 3

On your left, a large wetland area; behind the green, a stadium bunker. Fox is intimidating at first glance, but remember, looks can be deceiving. It’s actually a relatively straightforward hole. With a challenging pin position, aim for the center of the green and two-putt to reach par.

Hole 18|Moose|Par 5

Moose provides a spectacular finish to our award-winning course. This par 5 is designed to be a tiebreaker. The tee shots fly over wetlands, and the fairway splits in two. You can hit it long and up on the right where the fairway escalates, with a roll that will leave the pin up to 20 yards closer to the green. The right side is narrow, long and blocked by bunkers on both sides. The left side of the fairway is wide and forgiving. The challenge is the tee shot. Go long and right. You may want to go for the green in two strokes. Next, you’ll see what looks like a tiny island – that’s the green, located on a peninsula. If you’re smart, you’ll lay up in the approach area; though don’t go too right because you’ll end up in the pond. For your third, loft your ball over a corner of the water (you’ll have to deal with a small pot bunker in front of the green). To get there in two is nearly impossible on Moose, The Meadows at Mystic Lake’s signature hole.