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The Meadows at Mystic Lake is OPEN for the season.


When you golf The Meadows at Mystic Lake, we put you in the driver’s seat. Your rate depends on variables like availability, time of day, and weather. The earlier you book, the more you save!

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Modified Golf Policies during the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

We want to provide a responsible golf experience that meets the high standards of the recommended social distancing guidelines and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommended best practices during this challenging time.


  1. ONLINE – Golfers can check-in and pay at the Grill area (we are accepting cash and cards). Tee time reservations should be made exclusively online.
  2. CLOSED – Clubhouse and Meadows Grille shall remain closed.
  3. CARTS – One golfer per cart, unless players are from the same household. Carts shall be sanitized after each round.
  4. GROUPS – Groups shall be limited to no more than 4 players per group, and golfers shall remain 6 feet apart on the driving range and practice putting green.
  5. CUPS – Cups (holes) need to be modified to restrict golf balls going fully into the bottom of the hole, and flagsticks should be stationary.
  6. TOUCHPOINTS – On-course touchpoints shall be eliminated, including rakes. Scorecards, pencils, tees, and seed bottles are now available.


  • Tee times and registration must be done online or over the phone
  • Be smart—remain 6 feet away from each other, and avoid congregating
  • No rental clubs
  • We are now handing out scorecards, pencils, tees, and seed bottles.
  • Bags and clubs must remain in golfers’ possession—no bag service available
  • Do not interact or congregate with other groups


  • Continue to practice social distancing by staying 6 feet away from other players
  • Walking is highly encouraged for those who can, due to the physical and mental health benefits
  • Limit ONE rider per cart, unless players are from the same household
  • Flagsticks are to be left in the hole at all times and not to be touched
  • Do not share golf clubs with other players
  • Rakes and benches will be removed
  • Pre-packaged sandwiches and wraps are being sold at the Grill along with cold beverages (soft drinks, Gatorade, beer, energy drinks). Currently, there is no beverage cart.


  • Golfers must leave immediately upon completion of their round—no congregating will be allowed under any circumstances
  • Posting of scores should be done on your GHIN app
  • Golf carts are to be properly sanitized with close attention to high-touch areas between each round


Sanitizing—Clean/sanitize high-touch areas, including steering wheels, GPS unit, cup holders, seat and roof handles, windshield clamps, bag bays and basket, and floorboards. Use spray and sanitizer solution and let solution sit for 3 minutes, and then wipe with clean cloth. Park the cart for charging, and let solution dry for maximum results.

Returned—Golf cart must have NO trash, scorecard, or other golf supplies upon completion of the round. Staff will only accept golf carts that have been completely cleaned.

Staging—Carts are to be parked at least 6 feet apart, with windshields down.


  1. Add 1 full cap of sanitizing solution to the water in the ball washer.
  2. At the end of a shift, staff must drain the used water.
  3. At the beginning of a shift, staff must complete Step 1.

Staff Mandatory Uniform Requirements:
Protective Eyewear
Rubber gloves



Rules of Play

  • Appropriate golf attire is required
  • The enforced pace of play is 4 hours and 20 minutes
  • Groups of five golfers are not allowed at any time
  • Golfers may not bring their own drinks or coolers

Dress Code

  • No denim jeans or shorts
  • Shorts can be no shorter than six inches above the knee
  • No cut-offs, spandex, gym shorts, or sweat pants
  • Shirts must be worn at all times and must have a collar or sleeves
  • No tank tops, halter-tops, bare midriffs, or hockey/football jerseys
  • Soft spiked golf shoes only (no metal spikes)

Reservations and Cancellations

Tee time reservations can be made up to 14 days in advance. Groups of 12 players or more are accepted 3 weeks in advance.  Mystic Lake Casino Hotel guests can reserve up to 60 days in advance.

Cancellations and change in number of players must be made no less than 24 hours in advance.

If you fail to call and reduce your number of players you will be charged an additional green fee.

Rain Checks

If the golf course is closed due to rain, storms or lightning, your next game may be on us! Rain checks depend on the amount of holes already played:

  • Up to 4: Full rain check
  • 5-12 holes: Half rain check
  • 13-18 holes: No rain check

*Note: If it is raining when you start your round there will be no rain check issued if you decide to stop, unless the course is deemed unplayable.


The Meadows at Mystic Lake staff inform players on the course of nearby lightning via the golf cart’s GPS system, but it’s up to you to stay safe during inclement weather.

Frost Delay

In the spring and fall, morning tee times may be delayed due to frost. All you have to do is arrive for your scheduled tee time, and our staff will take it from there.